About Us

Welcome to Selfhelp – The Source for Independent Living

From our pioneering days supporting Holocaust survivors seeking refuge in America, throughout our distinguished 75 year history, Selfhelp has been dedicated to enabling the elderly and other at-risk populations to live in their own homes, independently and with dignity.

Today, as baby boomers age and seniors overall live longer, Selfhelp is ready to be your partner in planning and implementing personalized care strategies for your aging parents and your own later years. Our progressive social services, innovative aging-in-place solutions and cutting edge client centered technologies ensure that you will be independent, safe and secure.

Senior Source, our comprehensive and personal private care management program, gives you access to the full range of Selfhelp’s services. Senior Source can enable you to manage your immediate senior care needs and plan for your future today.

Thanks to Senior Source, you’ll have a Care Concierge offering you access to outstanding services and affordable solutions for your later years.

Selfhelp’s commitment to secure independent living for seniors is evident in our six, award-winning housing complexes serving more than 1,000 low and moderate-income seniors. Our six senior centers provide programs that enrich the lives of over 6,000 older New Yorkers and our four Naturally Occurring Retirement Communities (NORCs) offer residents extensive on-site care services.

Selfhelp serves the changing needs of our clients and the senior care needs of a changing society.

Building on our leadership in aging-in-place solutions for seniors, Selfhelp is developing new, state-of-the-art, affordable housing campuses and offering our first-rate NORC programs and on-site services to existing communities of seniors.

We support patients and their families faced with Alzheimer’s disease and HIV/AIDS. We act as legal guardians for individuals who, under the law, are unable to provide for themselves.

We are the oldest and largest provider of Nazi Victim Services in North America.

In every area of service, our care providers are recognized for their compassion, expertise and effectiveness. Because everything we offer you is available under one Selfhelp roof, you can consider our professional staff your source for independent living.