Selfhelp is a pioneer in implementing remote sensor, telehealth and brain fitness technologies to improve the quality of life for seniors. These high-tech breakthroughs enable us to monitor your overall health and safety 24/7, so you can continue to live securely in your own home, connected to the community you love.

Selfhelp’s remote sensor technology utilizes unobtrusive motion sensors that quickly recognize your daily routines. Out-of-the-ordinary situations that could indicate emergencies trigger an immediate automatic alert.

Our telehealth system can run through an array of vital medical tests, sending information directly to Selfhelp’s registered nurses. If there’s a sudden or unexpected change in your health or well being, staff members can quickly intervene.

Our cognitive stimulation and computer learning programs offer engaging and appealing activities and experiences designed to enhance memory, mental agility and overall outlook. You can explore these tools and participate in a variety of group activities at Selfhelp’s senior centers, housing complexes and NORCs.

Whether you live next door or thousands of miles apart from your family members, Selfhelp technology is always there to support you.

Congrats to Selfhelp Xbox Bowling Champs!

Xbox Bowling Team

They came. They Xbox virtual-bowled. And they conquered, becoming the NYC champions of the first Xbox virtual bowling tournament sponsored by Microsoft, NYC Department for the Aging (DFTA) and NYC’s Department of Information Technology & Telecommunications. But somewhere along the way, our seniors became fast friends not only of their own teammates, but of their competitors as well.

Our winning team from Selfhelp Benjamin Rosenthal Prince Street Innovative Senior Center in Queens invites you to see some of the highlights from their battle against the SAGE center from Manhattan. These clips are sure to amuse, enlighten, and inspire you as you see them build camaraderie, self esteem, skill, better fitness and a healthy respect for everyone involved.

Congrats to all!

Watch on YouTube: Flushing senior center bowls over Manhattan rivals

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